How to create user’s friendly permalink on WordPress Blog

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How to build a user’s friendly permalink while starting a blog

A permalink is URL or link of any individual blog post for onpage SEO, it provide helps you to optimize your website in search engine,

You can change or edit your post permalink structure any time, but it cause to drop your traffic from search engine with having 404 error.

WordPress automatically generate your post permalink as default, on each of your wordpress post,but default link isn’t good sign for onpage SEO, it becomes hard task for search engine robots for crawling your website in search index,it means you’re not growing.

Example of default link>

Changing default permalink to user’s friendly:

Select Setting> permalink from dashboard and mark tick on “Post name” from option. “Post name” is best fit for creating user’s friendly permalink, and it should be appear in search engine like this,

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Click to save changes and It’s Done!

Adding custom permalink with Yoast SEO:

You can also create custom permalink with Yoast SEO plugin, on every individual blog post.

  • Here is the example of adding custom permalink via Yoast SEO,