How to Safe and Secure Your WordPress Site from Hackers Attack

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Safe and Secure Your WordPress Site from Hackers Attack


WordPress is one of the most popular content management platform among the bloggers, more than 74 million websites depend on WordPress as well 46 million downloads from, so you must be careful about your website security from hackers. here i’m sharing with you, how you can safe and secure your wordpress site from hackers attack, you should follow these seven factors of guidance, in order to strong your WordPress Security.

Seven factors of WordPress security

1: Strong Password should be variation after a week:

Your password should be strong and variation after a week, it becomes difficult situation for hacker to stealing your site data and information. here is an example of strong password “SterlingGmail20.15“.

2: Two-factor authentication:

You must be add an two-factor authentication on WordPress login for additional security.Two-factor authentication use for WordPress additional security while login to your WordPress dashboard, WordPress admin make their security tough by adding  two-factor authentication, it becomes difficult for hackers to steal information via adding authentication code or security question during your login session.

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3: Be careful while installing plugins:

Plugins is one of easy weapon for hackers to steal your secret details, you must be careful while installing plugin on your WordPress site, always install highly rated and recommended plugins, do not install extra and unpopular plugins, it cause to hack your site via code injection.

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4: Stay updated on WordPress:

You must be stay updated on WordPress,therefore you should be update your plugins for keep strong your site security. 

5: Should be install firewall plugin for WordPress security:

You must be install firewall plugin on WordPress for counter hackers attack, firewall plugin provide helps you to protect you server files for code injection and direct attack by hackers.firewall automatically start protecting your site.

Recommended firewall plugins:

6: wp-config.php and .htaccess files permissions should be “444”

wp-config.php and .htaccess files are mainly hackers target and they get access to your server, therefore you must be set wp-config.php and .htaccess files permissions  to unwritable “444” on your server.

7: In last don’t allow spamming on your site:

Spamming can effect your site security, hackers can inject code via spamming,therefore do not allow spamming on your WordPress site at any cost. 


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