How to Start a Blog on WordPress Beginner’s Guide

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Learn How to Start and Make a Blog on WordPress

WordPress is very popular and first choice content management platform system among the becomes or create little bit confusion or tricky for new bloggers,  most of time they need some video tutorials for startup guidance.but here i am sharing with you some free core knowledge and information about how to start a blog.

Before starting a blog or website you should know what is and as well should know difference between them. is free open source content management system platform that provide helps to content creators to published other word it is a publishing platform that makes it easy for anyone to publish online. (Recommended Platform) is totally different from it is a propriety blog hosting service provider both of are different from each other according to their features and specification.they are several limitation to such as you can’t install custom themes and plugins at all. is a self hosted platform you don’t need to buy a third party hosting service, you are limited in terms of monetization of blog , you are not allowed to use Google Adsense for making a money.

WordPress is the best Blogging Platform why not Blogspot?

WordPress is the free and open source content management system.Wordpress is so far better than Google owned because google implemented many limitation on it. WordPress is a king of any blogging platform, there are no limitation on it,Wordpress provide many customization options for plugins and themes that helps to blogger for create a blog according to their requirement.

You must need hosting and domain name for setting up a WordPress Blog:

You must be need hosting and domain for setting up a WordPress blog.

What is Domain Name : Domain is the URL or name of your blog/website.

What is Hosting: Hosting act as an storage device that helps to store your website data.

How to install WordPress Blog on Hosting:

New comers should know about how to install WordPress blog for starting a blogging journey.i have already written about this topic, i am redirecting you for shorten the topic.

Some major guide as your reference:

How to Setup theme on WordPress:

After installed Wodpress there is an essential step called setup WordPress theme for creating first blog post.

Step 1: First look of your WordPress blog after the installation.


Step 2 : You should login to your WordPress dashboard

URL should be look like this while login to your WordPress dashboard

EXAMPLE : http://Yoursitename/admin/


Step 3 : View of WordPress dashboard after login to your blog


Step 4 : selecting a theme for your blog (click on Appearance option and then click to sub option Theme) here you can select free builtin themes from WordPress library or you can add custom theme with help of Add New option.


Step 5 : Now you can create Your first blog post.(click on Post option and then click to sub option Add New) Here you can create your first blog post 


Step 6 : This is the final step where you can published your post worldwide (you can see the Publish option from the right side of your Add  New Post form)


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